What You Need to Know About File Transfer

What You Need to Know About File Transfer

The internet has become a very part in our day to day life. Internet completely changed the face of web technology and now with the help of there is nothing you can do. You can get information on any topics within seconds and you don’t have to go to any libraries to search for them. You can also have a chat or share music files, videos and image files with them. In early days, internet was used only for checking mails and for chatting with your loved ones. But now with the help of you can download movies, songs, software, games, images etc. You can also upload files you are having in your computer and share with on social networking websites so that your friends can see those collections.

You have purchased a new digital camera and took snaps while on vacations; you can share those memories with your friends and loved ones. File transfer through internet can be of different ways and each one has its own special features involved in it.

Firstly most common file transfer through internet is that sending a file as an e- Mail attachment. Here the size of the file is limited depending on the e- Mail service provider. Yahoo Provides 10 Mb of file size limit whereas in Gmail it is 25 mb per mail. So the size here is limited and even if we need to send a bigger file then we have send it part by part. This becomes difficult especially when we are sending video files or a single game image file. Video files can be split by using video split software but image files cannot be split. Hence it becomes difficult to share them.

Then there is the PC 2 PC file transfer who involves only connection between two personal computers and no other server is involved in the process. There is no such file size limit in this type of transfer. You can transfer any size of files and any number of files. Only thing is that for the file transfer to take place both receiver and sender both should be online so that the sender can send the file and receiver can accept the file which he receives.

You can upload the file on the websites which is providing file storage service. This is also a limited storage depending on different sites may be up to 150 mb.

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