The Improvements 4G Wireless Made on Mobile Internet

The Improvements 4G Wireless Made on Mobile Internet

Billboards plastered along highways boast of the world’s most reliable and high speed 4G network. It advertises its speed, quality, and most importantly, mobility as providing you with all the qualities you seek in your wireless internet connection, giving you access to the resources of the worldwide web. However, most people already have a reliable wireless connection on their smart phones, enjoying the ability to log onto their emails at any time during the day or look up any information quickly via the search engine of their choice. So, what exactly is it that sets the this network apart from its predecessor, the 3G?

First, the 3G network was created primarily for smart phone usage. With this technology, you can only access this mobile internet connection from your smart phone, rather than your laptop computer. It limits you to short-term usage. If you require more extensive usage on the internet, it will be difficult to do so with your iPhone, Android, or Blackberry phones. With the 4G network, it is different. Because it was created for both smart phone and laptop computer usage, you can do much more extensive work on this network. The possibilities of having a reliable high speed mobile network are endless. You can finish some work for the office while you are supervising your children while they are playing with the neighborhood children at the park. You can write your term paper while enjoying the sunshine on the grass, instead of the lifeless indoors at the library. Or you can watch a television show or movie while waiting for the mechanic to change the oil in your car.

The improvements also include its high speed. Whereas previously, the 3G network allowed its users to do basic things on the internet, the 4G network gives you the speed necessary to perform certain functions on the internet that the 3G network was not able to grant you. The former only allowed you to check your emails, look up information and directions, and check your social media networks. However, the latter gives you many more avenues to stay connected through the internet. You can download larger files, you can play online games, you can stream videos, and you can also video chat-all while you are on-the-go. This opens up many new possibilities of staying connected, communicating, sharing information, and keeping yourself entertained. You can chat face-to-face with your family and friends. You can instantly load photos that you took with your smart phone onto your social media network. And you can watch movies, television shows, and music videos directly on your smart phone while you are on the bus, waiting for the doctors, or simply in between classes.

The 4G network gives you the speed that you need for your internet without sacrificing the mobility that makes your life much more convenient. While the 3G network revolutionized the ways in which you could access the internet, its successor improves upon that, bringing you broadband quality internet no matter where you may be.

Source by Jason Tandle

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