Secrets That Publishers Don’t Want You to Know – How to Get Your Manuscript Noticed

Secrets That Publishers Don’t Want You to Know – How to Get Your Manuscript Noticed

One of the most challenging issues you will face as a new writer is working out how to get your work published. Having slaved over your masterpiece, how do you get your work in print?

Purchasing the ‚Writer’s Market‘ or subscribing to their website will help you identify publishers. Research the publishers you are interested in. Find publishers that already print works similar to your own, as publishers tend to have a ‚type‘ that they like to work with. Another way to identify your publisher is to look at books on the same topics as your own and see who they are published by. Choose whether you will approach the larger or smaller publisher, smaller publishers tend to publish local, up and coming talent.

Select publishers you can make a book proposal to. Make sure you get yourself noticed! I met an author /illustrator who decorated the envelope when he submitted his proposal to ensure he got the publisher’s attention! Make your cover letter is lively and interesting, with short, snappy sentences. Simple and to the point is best, if you bore them with the letter, they won’t read any further! Include a page about yourself, what you have written or how you have come to write if you have no previous titles, but again, short is best. If you have written a children’s chapter book, then a synopsis of further books in a series will be enticing for a publisher.

Usually in the case of children’s picture books the entire text is submitted with an art brief detailing each spread and an idea of the content of the pictures you envisage. In most other cases, three chapters should be submitted. If you have written a non-fiction piece then detail in your proposal why your text is unique to any others on the market.

Before sending anything, ensure all grammar contained in the cover letter and manuscript is correct as this will put the publisher off!

In brief, get noticed and sell yourself!

Source by Samantha Pearce

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